We are all on a road trip.

The creator decides to drop on everyone’s palms a gift box,

Containing different layers.

Each layer is wrapped with its own peerless surprise,

that requires heed and determination to unwrap each.

The road is filled with glamour and chaos,

lust and fleeting delusions of happiness.

When one gets carried away by all these,

another passenger on board pounces on the gift.

Now what is the name of the gift box given to us by the creator?

It is called destiny.

-Nasa Afigbo

the road trip second


Life is a journey, that GOD has blessed us with, placing our destinies on our palm. Everyday unfolds a step forward to our destiny. The things of the world are there to distract us from our aspirations and God’s blessings for us, and most times leaving us at the feet of others to validate our choices and dreams.

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