Hey guys, how was your weekend?  Monday is here again, the day to start grinding and buzzing. Monday comes with this feeling where you are left in the middle of the frivolous weekend filled with escapades and a weighty Monday full of schemes. I always battle with my alarm on Monday mornings, (I honestly don’t know when I will stop that) my body desires my bed and my bed is always on it’s succumb state. The struggle out of my bed is filled with random frustrating thoughts, like “what if you continue sleeping and go to work late? How about lying down for just 5 mins more”. Hmm, don’t consider the last thought, it sounds mild  and tempting but very dangerous. From taking a 5 mins snooze, you’ll find yourself wake up by 6am and that means your lateness to work has been stamped and sealed by traffic alone. Finding my way to the bathroom, I realize the weather is cold but I can’t boil water, that might cause a little slack. Looking for my scooper and deliberating on how I’ll bath with cold water, “you can do it” I hear that tiny voice. And boom! I did it, I’m bathing with cold again. Thoughts of the exciting weekends keep flashing, while struggling to enjoy my cold bath. The mall, the smiles on people’s faces, little children screaming and shouting with so much innate happiness, my crazy friends, (Obinna and Laura).  Obinna the talker, always has a funny description of every scene in the movies. But hey, I can’t continue to reminisce on good times, I need to go out there and make some money. If there is no money, there won’t be fun times to spice up life.

Mon-day, mobile-day where everyone, workers, students, business men and women, cars will be on motion. The huge moments of comfort and relaxation over the weekend disappear into the thin air. Everyone is left with either thoughts of their fun-filled weekends or the hectic and boring moments at work.

Start your Monday with hope and optimism, and let it spread out into the week fetching you lots of good outcomes. When the calendar says it’s Monday, see it as a new week for new opportunities and make the best out it. ❤❤


It’s Monday-mobile day.

The first day that begins to distort my sleep

With the sound of my 4:30 alarm.

Oh! How I wish to ignore that sound,

that slaps my ear drums.

I struggle to get up,

I see myself roll to the wall edge.

My body craves for my bed,

my bed succumbs to the swing.

I know I’ve got appointments to meet,

opportunities to grab.

You may not be my favourite day,

but I promise to make the

most memorable accord with you.

-Nasa Afigbo

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How do you feel on sunday evenings and what are the necessary things you feel one should do before monday mornings? Please share your thoughts with me on the comment section below, thanks.




23 thoughts on “MONDAY AND ITS STRESS

  1. Esther says:

    Ha ha!
    I liked the poem.

    The post though…real talk. We should be positive about it.

    For me though, I’m mostly indifferent about Mondays. It’s just one of those days for me. It’s when I have something to look forward to in a day that it becomes more…


  2. Haruna says:

    Nice piece, my Monday feelings depends on what’s in my schedule, if it’s tight I feel scared to leave my bed, if it’s filled with new positive expectations I just can’t wait to be in the office. Despite these mix feelings my day always ends up productive and that’s what motivates the week schedule.


    • Nasa Afigbo says:

      Very impressive! i like the ending part…… “despite the mixed feelings my day ends up productive”. when you always have that in mind, it will give a reason to neglect any bad feeling that tries to come up. cheers!!


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