Hey lovelies, how are you doing?  I want to believe it’s all moving on fine.

Okay, I’m actually tempted to say welcome to my blog, but then I feel it’s either cliché or unnecessary but still on still, welcome to another interesting topic on my blog.

From the topic I know you already have a clue of what this is all about, nevertheless there are still certain things you need to know and guess what you just found yourself on my blog, so relax bruhh.

There are times in life, we take incognizance of things and changes happening around us and before the word ‘Jack Robinson’ is pronounced we are over taken by them.


First I’ll explain what I understand by “friend zone”, it is a situation in the friendship between a girl and boy where one person gets more attached and demands more from the other person that is comfortable and happy with just being mere friends.

Now who’s to be blamed huh?

meme- osas

It is literally a state of wrenching for what you are not given and this could lead to a very depressing state if not handled properly because the other party might not be aware of what is going; he/she is hanging around for the fun. Perhaps he/she might be aware but isn’t ready to log into your school thought.

For you to never be in the friend zone take note of these:

  1. Too Much Solace in time of Distress: this where most guys want to show their superpowers and prove to the girl that they fully available for her; which might end up on the flipside. If the girl is in a relationship and things turn out bad between her and her boyfriend you wouldn’t want to make it obvious that you want ride on her vulnerability by showing that you are the perfect man for her because she has issues with her current guy. Don’t get me wrong this the ideal time to let her know the qualities you’ve as a good man at the same time don’t be too pushy because girls are very sensitive at this stage. Allow her process this period on her own while you gently show the good stuff in you. In that case you divulge like a candle light that carefully dazzles in a darkroom. You start from taking her out on a casual date where you both talk about aliens and cartoons (lol, just kidding), and before you know it you are already on a serious date where all the emotions are escalated from both ends; you feel me.


  1. Be Unavailable: you are always available, so the other person doesn’t know what it feels like without you. If you don’t let them miss you, how do you want them to realize that they can’t live without you? This is the only way to know if they truly appreciate you, by letting your absence show you. If they truly value what you do for them and the time spent with them, your time away will make them miss you and want you more around them. If it doesn’t then it means they don’t desire you as much as you do. This should give you a good reason to move on with your life and find someone else.


  1. Don’t be a Relationship Coach: remember this is a girl you hope to have something with, then why are you always the one advising her on the does and don’ts of her relationship life with another guy. It just shows you are happily comfortable as a friend when deep down you scream to have her. How does that work for you?


She is going out on a date, you are the first person she sends the picture of the dress she wants to wear, for you to check if it’s cool or not for a date. Seriously bruhh, you and I know that you aren’t a fashion designer so why you?

meme 2


When next she sends you a message you about a date she is on or relationship issues do not respond to such texts/calls get busy with your life at that moment. After some days you can text/call her for a different thing. This is you making your way out of the friend zone. Unless you don’t have the intentions of making her yours.


  1. Be a Little Uninvolved: A relationship that has taken your time and energy without any form of reciprocity should be kept at bay for a while. Don’t continue to look for something where it’s not available so you don’t settle for what they have to offer, which might not be up to your standards. Walk away when you don’t get what you want, being desperate lands you at the mercy of others.


  1. Increase your Social Network: meeting new people gives you the opportunity to gain new ideas and friends. At this point, everything becomes light around you. You won’t have to think of the friend who doesn’t feel for you the way you feel for them. Go out there and make new friends of the opposite sex, another subtle way to know if the person you have interest in also wants you. If they get bothered or jealous of your unusual social life, it is a plus but if contrary, it clearly shows that they have nothing more to offer other than just friendship.


That is it guys, hope you enjoyed every word from this blog post.


Have you ever been stuck in the “friend zone” and what did you do to make the best out of it?

Do you think it is possible to get more from an uneven friendship? Please do share your thoughts with me, by leaving a comment below.


Hugs X kisses, I’ll see you when next I see you on the blog.








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