If only we could look into each other’s eyes
and see the fragments of despair,
birthed by the denials, molestation, shattered dreams.
We would cherish every glimpse of each other’s smile,
down to the nerves on every tooth.
Knowing that she harbours what I harbour.
If only we knew the fight she fought and
the shock yet to be recovered was same as ours.
The voice lifted up in the mornings,
that gave her strength to look farther into the horizons and never look back.
If only we knew that pure spirited juvenile,
Who walked through the narrowed path of the market,
alone to get things for papa’s meal.
She has been her mother’s helper in keeping the home.
Who told her not to cling to other beings like her?
Who told her to fight against the ones to stand by her?
The ones beautifully adorned as she is.
who told her we can’t be allies; not rivals?
who told her the wavering energy in her,
can’t be stabled by the same gender of the same creed?
Energies coalesced into a buoyant parade,
the sister-sister power.


The sister-sister power highlights the things that go on in our lives as women and most times men can’t (won’t) relate to them.

But what happens when the one who is meant to support you is withdrawing from you?

©Chinasa Afigbo


If all girls were taught how to love each fiercely instead of how to compete with each other and hate their own bodies, what a different and beautiful world we would live in.

-Nikita Gill


Thank you for reading❤.  Hugs X kisses, I’ll see you when next I see you on the blog.




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