International Women’s Day: Who is a woman?

Touch her hair and you’ll feel strands of calmness and beauty.

Look into her almond eyes

you’ll see rays of nurture for the home.

She carries the foundation of a nation at heart; the home.


She speaks and lives virtuously

regardless of an opportunity to do otherwise.

She is passionate, strong-willed, a fighter,

a dream chaser, a helper and a support system,

only if you let her bloom and unleash the desires of her heart.

She is an art of beauty,

and mastery of all forms of fecundity.

In a world that says her voice shouldn’t be heard,

she makes history with her God-given art.


The girl is the mother of the woman; she gives life,

strength she chooses while pulling through

the seed that grows in her for nine months,

pain she embraces during the

unseen rituals of childbirth in the labor room,

love she feebly falls to as she lay her child on the cot,

hope she holds onto during the joys of motherhood,

laughter she abuses in public behind her wet pillow,

as through her tears, she is valiant.


Every child in the neighborhood feeds from her pot,

Is that love or selflessness?

She is a startling abyss of unfolding events,

the kernel of posterity.

No wonder it is said that when you train a woman you train a nation.

Empower a woman and a nation is raised up.

©Chinasa Afigbo





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