This is what change looks like- Remember when we were little when our parents took us to the Colosseum to see Santa Claus (Father Christmas)? We initially got scared at the sight of it because of his looks but when we got close and received our gift bags, we suddenly realized that he wasn’t the impression we had. He was generous, kind and harmless.

It is always difficult to accept change because we are undeniably tied to the nostalgic experience of how things used to be and gotten comfortable with it. The quest for change needs courage and can only be ignited with the hunger for a better position or result in our life. It could be material things, good health, spiritual development and well-being, good relationship.  However, we always rely on the complexity of our brains to develop more sophisticated methods of finding what we want. Sometimes we might do it well, but at other times our powerful human beliefs and emotions like, fear, doubt, comfort, take over and cloud the way we look at things. This makes the quest for improvement/growth more complicated and challenging. And when we get the improvement we search for, it becomes very comfortable and we automatically build our social life around it. Then we forget that anything can happen at any time and believe that things will always be the same, we fail to pay attention to small changes that would occur each day.

Therefore when change strikes without our expectations for it, we become restless and stranded.

The mistake we make is that we still hover around the old situation thinking and hoping that things will get back like they were before. We act like this because we see the change that has occurred as something dangerous, new, strange, and unfamiliar. It could be, job termination, breaking out of a relationship, relocation, personal development, building a relationship or remolding your attitude in a relationship, remolding your attitude to work.

We let our human beliefs and emotions control our actions.


We take ourselves seriously and take our changing situation unserious. We keep doing the same things over and over again because we don’t take changing situations seriously, and then we wonder why things don’t get better. If this isn’t ridiculous it would be even funnier. Although we might not like the idea of having to try out new things and new methods again, because we feel our desired-want isn’t out there or we might get lost and have no idea where to get our desired-want. Such fearful beliefs only immobilize and kill our inner strength, instead of wondering how things changed, think of how to get up and move with the improvement of change. As hard as it may be, sometimes things change and they are never the same again. When you see yourself in such crucible, remember that’s life and life moves on. And so should we. If you don’t move with the change you become extinct.

Accepting change is not an easy one, I remember when I left my former job. I had to start another round of job hunting which was a very big challenge for me. It seemed like my progress was two steps forward and one step backward. The companies I went to kept tossing me round the clock without a tangible statement and outcome. I began to wonder if it was realistic for me to find a new job. Whenever I got discouraged, I tried to remind myself that what I was doing, as uncomfortable as it was at the moment, was much better than staying at home doing nothing.

As humans, let’s always anticipate change and trust our basic instincts to sense when change is around the corner and be willing to adapt to it. Monitor your environment and happenings to know when things are getting stale and when change needs to come into play.

During the journey of change, you’ll meet illusions that would make you get disappointed along the way, before you get to your desired-want. Just as those companies that gave me a false impression about employing me; made me feel like giving up. But then I tried other new places. Movement in a new direction helps you find your desired-want. Do not also forget that the fear of the unknown will always set in, but don’t also let it hold you captive. Moving in a new direction and working on your imagination frees you from that. Paint a picture of what your desired-want and imagine how great it’ll be when you eventually get hold of it; it gives you strength to keep pushing. Old beliefs only drain you, when you change what you believe, you change what you do. It’s up to you to believe that a change will harm you and resist it. Or you can believe that finding your new desired-want will help you embrace the change. The sooner we embrace change and deal with it, the better we cope with the challenge of finding a new desired-want or might find our desired-want on time.

Dealing With Change

First is to hold on to your basic moral values before any other thing; don’t threaten it.

1. Criticize yourself and admit your mistakes: The fastest way to change is to criticize, admit and laugh at your own folly, then you can quickly let go and move on. Keep things simple, be flexible and move. Do not confuse yourself with your fearful beliefs. Take note of the little changes so that you would be prepared for the big one that might be coming.

2. Don’t Overanalyze or Complicate Things: when situation changes move with it. Reflect on the mistakes made in the past and used them plan for the future. Adapt change fast, for if you don’t adapt in time, you might as well not adapt at all.

3. Take a Break: Take a break when you feel the need to, relax, have fun and eat as healthy as possible.

4. See it as a Blessing and Make the Best From it: Always remember that change can be a blessing in disguise to a better position and that your new desired-want is out there whether you recognize on time or not. And you will only be rewarded when you go past your fear. Although some fear should be respected but not all, as some can be irrational too.

Finally, we know that not all change is good or even necessary. But in a world that is dynamic, it helps one learn how to adapt and make something better out of the worst case.

Have you ever been through the change of job termination?

How were you able to pull through with the stress?

What other things can be done to avoid being hurt badly?

Thanks for coming by, I’ll see you when next I see you on the blog. Hugs X Kisses.

























  1. Ajoke says:

    This is a good read. I remember when I had to relocate from wher I was living to where I am now. It was so difficult for me but now I’m enjoying the new place. Maybe if I had read this earlier before then, It would have made things a lot easier for me to accept.


  2. justhinkingsite says:

    “We take ourselves seriously and take our changing situation unserious. We keep doing the same things over and over again because we don’t take changing situations seriously, and then we wonder why things don’t get better. If this isn’t ridiculous it would be even funnier. ”
    This was the line that did it for me.WOW. Your very right. I can say ive learnt something

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maxbert101 says:

    We do not fear change, we only fear for what follows it. I love this piece. Captures some of the fears I had and still have and fully intend to tackle. At least by reason of my service I have learned to adapt to an environment completely disparate to one I have been used to all my life. Thanks for inciting us to embrace change. Great work.


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