Bimbo could hear the opposing arguments between her mom and dad in the room, it was 7:30PM. “How long will this continue?” She groaned. She never made herself to be this way. Her parents knew the detriment of getting married as both AS and still went on with it, yet they treated her like she chose her fate to frustrate their lives with a succession of hospital bills. It’s either Narcotic, blood transfusion or vitamins. She was completely tired of all these. They had decided to aggravate her condition, they made it seem like she took away their joy. Her older siblings always complained about how her birth twisted the comfort in their home to medical crisis every day.  She sat on the couch in desperation, she didn’t want to be a jinx that dented the story of her family. She wanted to be a big reason for their smiles. She had always dreamt of a day that the doctor would tell her that her genotype had changed from SS to AS just as the testimonies on TV. A life she never chose, was what made her parent’s love sour. What an abomination!

She wanted to end all the misery, the prescription said “one tablet a day”. Bimbo took five tabs in a blink. An overdose! She drank enough water and leaned on the couch waiting for death to come.

She saw herself walk into a golden room with a white Door in the middle, the light from the white door was blazing that it blinded her eyes, she was so scared, and she wanted to wake up from the nightmare. She tried to cry out but her voice seized, the fear increased. She had never seen a room so golden that she closed her eyes tight. Then she heard a still small voice “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness…..”

She woke up sweating profusely in shivers. She thought she meet death but God rescued her. She checked the time it was already 10:00pm. She hurriedly locked up the window blinds and went to her room to thank God for saving her life, before she slept.

©Chinasa Afigbo

Image from pixabay.com

Thanks for coming by, I’ll see you when next I see you on the blog. Hugs X Kisses.


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