Book Review: Be(com)ing Nigerian- A Guide by Elnathan John

“The Nigerian god loves election and politics. After you have bribed people to get the party nomination, used thugs to steal and stuff ballot boxes, intimated people into either sitting at home or voting for you, it is important to declare that your success is the will of the almighty God.”

Satire mirrors reality

“Be(com)ing Nigerian: A guide”, portrays two different slots in a similar fashion. One for the Nigerian reader who is already- being Nigerian, the second for non-citizens/citizens who didn’t grow up in Nigeria and know little or nothing about how things happen here-becoming Nigerian.

This book is published by Cassava republic press(2019). And contains about 148 pages; genre, non-fiction; satire.

Elnathan John presents both subtle and overt issues happening in different sectors of the country. All in a satirical manner that would leave you no choice but to disturb the neighborhood with laughter, while at it chokes you with the bitter truths conspicuous in-between lines. You’ll  find yourself in a dilemma of irritation and cachinnation at our country’s folly.

He wrote on so many events such as “How to be a politician”, “How to become a mechanic”, “How to be a pastor”, “How to be a car owner in Nigeria”, etc.


My two favorite chapters are: “How to die a Nigerian” and “How to be a good African”.

I read a few pages in the bus. Sitting close to the driver, who almost always looked at me whenever I giggled, distracted my reading. Because I was scared he might  lug us into a ditch.

This engrossing read is a must-have for Nigerians on how to move beyond shame and arrogance, and for non-Nigerian, a uniquely informative guide on how to accept their awe and envy of Nigerians. It is an invitation for everyone to embrace and rejoice in their inner Nigerian.


Here is your definitive guide to Be(com)ing Nigerian.

Thanks for coming by, I’ll see you when next I see you on the blog.

Hugs X Kisses.

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