10 Important Things You Need to Know Before Going For a Hike

During my first hiking experience with Travelden Nigeria to Ado Awaye Mountain in Oyo state. I took note of every single event that happened,  from the road trip to climbing the mountain. I decided to carefully list out necessary precautions to take while going for a hike. To know more about the Mountain I hiked click here.

If you have plans of hiking someday, this blogpost will give  you  basic tips you need to know about mountain climbing.

  1. Your Comfort: it is important to note that the way you feel and what you carry while hiking matters a whole lot. You need your energy to hike, don’t waste it on other things you can adjust. Put on an outfit you are free and comfortable on. I wore a jogger pant, white polo and a free denim jacket on my first hike. Do not carry a bag that would disrupt you. I would suggest a backpack. Once properly clung to your back, there’s nothing left to worry about.
  2. Go with fluids: you need both water and soda to keep you Hydrated while hiking. Water would do for thirst because you’ll be losing a lot of fluid from sweating. Soda would be needed for energy to carry on. Remember back in college when they gave us glucose for energy during sports activities? That is exactly what soda does. Lucozade boost is recommended.  IMG_2402.jpg
  3. Get a Face Towel: face towels would be needed to dry your sweats and trust me when I say Handkerchiefs will do nothing.
  4.  Sun protection kits: you might need to protect your eyes from sun rays.
  1. Type of Footwear: put on a footwear you are comfortable on 24/7. It doesn’t have to be stylish just  make sure it has a firm grip.


  1. Hiking Poles: hiking poles are used to balance movements while hiking. It also helps reduce the stress from your knees and thighs.
  2. Do not rush: Do not hike in a hurry. Hike at a pace you can always catch your breath and talk. Take a break when you need to.
  3. How to Feed before Hiking: Do not eat heavily when you know you’re about to start hiking in 30 minutes time. If you must eat make sure your food digests very well before you start. The goal is to feel light and hike smoothly.
  4. Games: there are lots of interesting games to play on the mountain while you enjoy and absorb the state of mind that comes with staying up there. Games like Ludo, Poker Cards, Whot Cards, Monopoly and Scrabble.
  5. Hike in the company of others: it is advisable to hike in the company of others, it makes you enjoy climbing to the top. You will also have people to chat and play games with. My first hiking experience was memorable because I hiked in a group of other persons who had booked with Traveldenng. They indeed added to the delight.
Mountain Photo by Ovinuchi Ejiohuo on Unsplash.

Thanks for coming by, I’ll see you when next I see you on the blog.

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6 thoughts on “10 Important Things You Need to Know Before Going For a Hike

  1. Maxbert101 says:

    Been to at least 5 hikes in my life…and I can say that this list is coherent and inclusive of all things to keep in mind for a hike. Nice work .


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