Book Review: Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta

Hey champs, welcome to another book review on the blog. First of I want to wholly appreciate my dad of blessed memory who first introduced this book to me in 2008, three years after its first publication in 2006. If not for him, maybe I wouldn’t have had the interest to read this book. Back then the cover picture was a landscape of tall buildings surrounded by an ocean captured on dusk, as the sun descended into the ocean at the point of horizon.

I still remember glancing through some pages of this book, before I dumped it with the plans of returning to it for proper reading. Along the line, it was misplaced when we parked into our house, sometime in 2009.


It’s been twelve years, and I finally get hold of this significant book to read and do a review on it.  Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta is an interesting read. Her writing is very descriptive with poetic brews. You’ll be left with no choice but love how she conveys every act.

The themes explored in this book are; growing up, True friendship, Religion, Family and marriage, Self-discovery, politics and military rule, and feminism. The setting was in Lagos, Nigeria, London, and back to Lagos, Nigeria


The story is told in a first-person narrative, Enitan Taiwao an eleven-year-old girl who lives with her parents in Ikoyi, in one of the houses by Lagos Lagoon, close enough to see fishermen rowing in a rhythm that pleased Enitan more than chewing on fried tripe.

All events in this book happened between the early seventies during the time of military dictatorship and suspending the Nigerian constitution to the middle nineties.

We see Enitan growing up as the only child in a dysfunctional home. After the death of her younger brother which made her mother become a fanatic member of a white garment church- a housewife who spends most of her time in church casting out demons. Her father Sunny Taiwo, a Barrister, an activist who tends to play around with women.


Growing up for Enitan was a bit bizarre because her parents never agreed on anything especially in matters to do with her grooming and having friends.

Young Enitan always home-alone during the holiday, makes friends with the new girl next door Sheri Bakare, from a Moslem Polygamous-home. Sheri Bakare- the half cast and Enitan’s age mate but very daring takes Enitan on a blustery journey of childhood jaunts which later disrupted their friendship. Later in the future, the two women meet again in their prime. Their friendship bounces back stronger and you see how they battle and help each other through the stages of self-discovery and becoming. Enitan is seen as a feminist and freedom fighter, while Sheri Bakare attempts to defy the traditional system of women and marriage which I suspect to be the consequence of her past.

What I sincerely admire about Enitan and Sheri is their camaraderie, very enviable. I enjoyed their conversations and always didn’t want it to end. Most childhood friendships turn out to be like theirs, once communication is feasible between both parties.

What I also love about his book is Sefi Atta’s exhaustive description of every scene that had to do with streets of Lagos and living in Lagos. She was able to give her readers a vivid picture of Lagos State. For readers who aren’t residents in Lagos, Seffi Atta’s Everything Good Will Come will feed you with the daily ambiance of living in Lagos.


What didn’t work for me was the flat ending. I wanted it to end with a resonance of the beautiful friendship the two women had in my heart. Also, the reason that led to the end of Enitan’s marriage with Niyi (her husband) wasn’t lucid.

In all guys, I had a swell time reading this book, I fell in love with little eleven-year-old Enitan. I saw her become a grown-up lady; watched her handle her relationship affairs, family disputes, speak-up for women, her closeness with Sheri Bakare and I fell in love with her the more till I got to the last page of this very book.

My rating for this book is 8/10.

P.S all pictures were taken by my humble self.😊 😊

Thanks for coming by, I’ll see you when next I see you on the blog.

Hugs X Kisses.

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