Self Care- Evaluating and Accepting

This year started with cataloging and internalizing the changes that have occurred within me over the years as a growing woman— identifying and coming to terms with each. Evaluating and accepting for self-clarity.

I strongly believe one’s mental space is the powerhouse to function — that is to say, it needs to be protected. Always. To get through these high walls of ‘Living fully’.

The beginning of this year started with penning down self-care tips to consider and practice across the year.
I’m putting this here because I need it as a reminder, and because I need it— I thought, you might do also.
These are little things that serve as banisters through this narrowed bridge called life.

Self-care, in my understanding, is a conscious approach of being honest (irrespective of any difficulty that may be involved), kind and patient with self.

  1. Stop judging the way you feel: Having low energy, feeling sad or idle are tiny strings that make up the system of living. These feelings are there for you to know and differentiate when the good-active days arrive– for you to maximize. Judging your feeling is a way of denying humanity, and probably getting lost. There’s no judgment in feeling low, cranky or sad.
  2. Surround yourself with people who admonish you: they are the ones to constantly remind you when you need to be reminded; when you need to evaluate and realign. You need these people to bring to your notice what you don’t see.
  3. Be curious about how to be and function better in all you do.
  4. Gratitude: This goes a long way to broaden airways and refuel the mind. Be grateful for everything, everything down to the last grain of rice on your plate.
  5. Hold on to Hope: Hope is the seed that forms the root to hold these aforementioned self-care tips—without hope you can’t practice them. Hold on to hope. All that we have today and all that we’ve lived for were stimulated by hope.

love you

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you when next I see you on the blog.

Hugs X Kisses.





2 thoughts on “Self Care- Evaluating and Accepting

  1. Eromonsele Emmanuel says:

    Insightful Writeup Chinasa!
    I think the most of us don’t show enough gratitude on this journey called life.
    It’s important we appreciate the small and big wins and as always, love ourselves.
    Thanks for pointing this out.


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