About Me

Hi there! I’m Chinasa Afigbo, a freelance content writer. You are welcome to my blog, where I write on events of life (living and learning), to make people feel and flow with their better-beings and consciousness. I also write about books, places and cities I explore while promoting tourism in Nigeria(Africa). I want to believe you are having a beautiful day. If not? Don’t worry, you are in my blog now. I give you an A+ troth that there are lots of interesting reads for you; feel at home.

My creative writing and poetry soothes, explores and inspires the mind, to visualize the beautiful things of life for better living.
Writing for me is an evolving journey to finding rare peace.
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I’m open to collaborations: I write Promotional media content/stories for brands and articles for websites. please feel free to contact me via cafigbo@gmail.com or my social media platforms (Instagram and Twitter).

Happy reading with LOVE.

Hugs X Kisses